Lawrence G. Walters Receives ASACP's 2005 Service Recognition Award

In the relentless pursuit of defending the rights of the online adult entertainment industry and championing the cause against child pornography, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) has consistently recognized and honored individuals who have shown exceptional dedication and service. One such individual who stood out for his tireless efforts in this realm is Lawrence G. Walters, a stalwart in the field of First Amendment law.

A Commitment to a Greater Cause

Lawrence G. Walters, an esteemed First Amendment Attorney, has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the protection of children and the online adult entertainment industry. With over two decades of active practice specializing in First Amendment cases, Lawrence's dedication is evident in his involvement with ASACP and its mission to make a substantial difference in the battle against child pornography.

The 2005 Annual Service Recognition Award

In acknowledgment of his invaluable service to ASACP and his dedication to the cause of child protection, Lawrence G. Walters was honored with the prestigious 2005 Annual Service Recognition Award. The award was presented during the XBiz Awards at the 2005 Internext event held in Las Vegas. This recognition is a testament to Lawrence's exceptional legal expertise and his ongoing commitment to ensuring a safer digital environment for all.

A Pro Bono Advocate for Progress

Notably, Lawrence G. Walters offered his legal services to ASACP on a pro bono basis, showcasing his dedication to the organization's critical mission. He played a pivotal role during ASACP's crucial growth period, providing guidance and legal expertise. His contributions were particularly instrumental in the early implementation of the Restricted to Adults (RTA) label, showcasing his dedication to child protection online.

A Legacy of Expertise and Advocacy

Lawrence G. Walters has not only demonstrated his dedication through legal services but also through educating the industry and the public. He frequently publishes articles and provides insights into various legal aspects related to the adult entertainment industry. His contributions have extended to legal seminars, where he updates industry professionals on relevant laws and regulations.

A Lasting Impact

The 2005 Annual Service Recognition Award presented to Lawrence G. Walters serves as a reminder of the impact one individual can make in the relentless pursuit of a safer online environment and the protection of children. Lawrence's ongoing commitment to the cause reflects the very essence of what ASACP stands for and continues to inspire many in the industry.

For more information about Lawrence G. Walters and his contributions to the cause of child protection and free speech, feel free to reach out to [email protected]. Let us celebrate a legacy of dedication and expertise in the pursuit of a safer online world.